Having professional images for an Airbnb listing is essential for making a strong first impression and establishing trust with potential guests. High-quality photos not only showcase the property's features and amenities in the best light but also convey the host's commitment to providing a top-notch experience. Professional images help the listing stand out in a competitive market, attracting more attention and ultimately leading to higher booking rates and occupancy levels. Additionally, positive visual impressions can translate into positive reviews, further enhancing the property's reputation and success on the platform. Overall, professional images are a valuable investment for hosts seeking to maximize their property's appeal and attract more guests..

Emily did an amazing job capturing our airbnb rentals. She balanced showcasing the space with lifestyle imagery to help our guests imagine the adventure that awaits them. I especially appreciate her moody style that speaks to Hygge lifestyle. Highly recommend!

Nest at Nelson

Pricing & Packages

Package 1

$800 plus GST

Full house package ,
Up to two hours & unlimited gallery of your home. Including small details and wide shots to highlight the beauty of your home.

Add on
- sunset hour at your home
- travel charge over 30 minutes drive
- models & extra hour

Package 2

$1500 Plus Get

Full house and family package
A full 24 hours in your home with my own family. This can be a week day.
Myself, our son Kai’Ree & Niyah-Rose 2 year old. We spent our time in the US stayingstaying at homes and photographing them as a family .